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Gratitude Despacho Ritual

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

This ritual I learned from one of my teachers Rebecca Campbell the author of 'Light is the new black' and 'Rise Sister Rise' by being a part of her online sisterhood. I've done this particular ritual for the last two years and it's a powerful one. You can do it at any time, but it is especially good to do to mark an ending or a beginning. So it's perfect for this time of year to express gratitude for all that 2019 has brought you. The vibration of gratitude is one of the highest we can feel. When we express gratitude for all that has been we also call in more things to be grateful for. By taking a moment to be in the present moment by creating a present (gratitude despacho).

The Gratitude Despacho is like baking a delicious cake of sacredness. When stepping into the space of a ritual, know that the more open your mind is, the more meaningful it will be.

Remember: The meaning, sacredness and magic are created by the intent of the person/people taking place. So the magic is in your heart and hands ;)

What you'll need:

A sheet of wrapping paper or a large sheet of paper.

Something to represent the sweetness of life, like sugar, roses or glitter for instance.

Collect 5-20 different ingredients to symbolise the things you are greatful for.

Get creative! leaves can be endings, rice can represent family, cocolate friends ect.

String/Ribbon or tape to wrap up the despacho into a gift.

Somewhere to burn the despacho e.g. fire pit or fire place.

Lay out the piece of wrapping paper and call in the four directions /North, South, East and West) by creating a cross using sugar, rose petals or whatever you decide.

Begin selecting various ingredients, reflect on what you are grateful for, and blowing into them your gratitude and placing it into the middle of the despacho. As you do state out loud what this thing represents and why you are grateful for it.

If you are doing the despacho with others, take turns. Continue adding things you are grateful for until it feels complete.

With gratitude in your heart wrap up the despacho into a beautiful present.

Last step is to play some music, sing or chant as you offer your despacho. I like to play some of my yoga playlists, I've linked one on Spotify linked


If you have a fireplace or a fire pit nearby you can continue the ritual by burning it at this time or a later time. Below are some examples I've created. Be creative, use your imagination and be open to make some magic!

Have fun creating your gratitude despacho!

Love, Iselin


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