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Welcome to on point podcast

I am a super curious soul and I think that we all can learn so much from taking the time to listen.

Podcasts are a perfect means for that in today's busy world. Intimate and personal.

I was inspired to start podcasting as I have great conversations with amazing souls

and I figured it would be a shame NOT to share.

Tune in for inspiration in the field of personal development, wellness & spirituality✨

As an actress, yoga teacher or just an eternal soul having this human experience...

I love to dive deep into all things spiritual, astrology, yoga, energy healing and more *woo-woo* stuff.

I invite friends, teachers and other experts in the field on to share their perspective,

insights and inspiration.

Episodes are up in both Norwegian and English. 😉



What does ON POINT MEAN?

On Point. An expression that means immaculateimpeccable, flawless, superb, quintessential, or just simply good. Usually used by people who severely lack in vocabulary😂 According to the urban dictionary.


As a Norwegian speaking Italian and English (and some other languages thrown into the mix).

I've had my struggles with finding the right words😅

I think I do a pretty good job, even though I might trip on my words a few times... 


Why ON POINT though?

I wonder too, as I tend to digress 🙈

The positive about getting lost sometimes is that we find hidden treasures, and I am on point in the sense that I talk about subjects that I believe truly matters. It's a part of my personality to dive deep, I like to get to the core of the matter and - of course I invite guests that I know are #onpoint with have something special to share.

Being super curious I love to get to know people's stories, to dive into their background and learn how they came to be who they are today.

Are you curious yet?

Have a listen in, and tell me what you think.

Some episodes are now also available up on my YouTube channel.

SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW for more episodes👍