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Move with me

I’m an movement teacher known for my fun, inspirational instructing style.

With my background as a dancer and extensive studies in yoga,

I have years of teaching all kinds of movement behind me.

My goal is to lead you to move in a way that feels good, body affirming and empowering.

Using words to embody the theme of my class - That's my super power!

In my classes we explore our mind and body, finding what feels good as we move with ease.

you can join a zoom class or workshop with me 



It is my greatest pleasure to guide people back to their heart space and into a state of deep relaxation

trough meditation and yoga nidra (yogic sleep).

My hope is that you'll leave feeling a little more peace of mind, and joy in your heart and ease in your body.

Yoga is not about being good at something.

It's about being good to yourself.

Being a former dancer and naturally very flexible, 'modern yoga' as it's portrayed in most media might come easy too me, but controlling the monkey mind is not mastered by dominating shapes.

They are meaningless, it's what you fill them with.

You don't become enlightened by mastering handstands or doing the splits.

It's about awakening to the present moment, and remembering that

you are already whole and complete.

My studies and practice of Yoga has enriched my life,

introducing me to amazing friends, teachers, places and new perspectives.

It holds the *potential* to be a deeply healing and transformative practice.

It might me therapeutic, but it's not therapy.

The practice of yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

I have a passion for philosophy and art in all forms.

I am a bit of a 'modern day mystic' and have studied different forms of healing modalities and traditions.

I try to share what I have learned along my way in classes and on my podcast.

In addition to yoga, the healing power of the plants has definitely been a game changer

for me. I also work with plant medicine in the form of essential oils. It's yoga in a bottle basically.

You can get started with me as your teacher here.

I guide you to use them for personal development, emotional healing and spirituality.


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Remember why you came here.

Remember your life is sacred.

a bit about me.

I started my career as a dancer, I then moved on to acting.

I have taught dance and acting in addition to yoga.

My first teacher training was in Hatha Yoga in Italy in 2010, and I started teaching in Rome after. I've studied various styles of yoga over the years and I also have a teacher training in Spirit Flow vinyasa from The Craft of Teaching yoga in Rome.

I have additional hours in yin, restore + nidra, and Yoga for kids.

I've been teaching in Italy and Norway. In Norwegian ofc, but also in Italian & English.

I have most recently done The Barre Eclipse teacher training with Adrienne Rabena and currently enrolled in Shake the Dust teacher training with Satu Tuomela.

Can't wait to share my knowledge with you soon!!

Å gjøre yoga er en fantastisk gave til deg selv.

Kanskje ønsker du å bli litt mykere, sterkere, mer tilstede, eller roe ned?

Det er mange gode grunner til å begynne, og ingen er rett eller feil.

Uansett hvor du starter din yogareise, vil du etterhvert se at den tiden du tilbringer på matten

er et perfekt sted for å se litt nærmere på hvordan du egentlig lever livet ditt.

 Gjennom meditasjon blir vi vitne til oss selv. Hvordan vi reagerer på hendelser og hvordan vi lever hver dag.

Hvordan vi gjør én ting, er hvordan vi gjør enhver ting. Yoga for er ikke fysiske øvelser, men en bevissthets tilstand. Pusteteknikker og asana, eller yoga stillingene er ment som et verktøy for å hjelpe deg inn i væren.

Det å sette av tid til å lytte inn er self-care for meg.

Vi tar oss tid til å roe ned, komme ut av hodet og ned i kroppen. Vi vender oppmerksomheten inn.

Hvordan vil vi leve livet vårt, og hva trenger vi egentlig?


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