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I’m an teacher known for my fun, inspirational instructing style.

With my background as a dancer and extensive studies in yoga,

I have years of teaching all kinds of movement behind me.

My goal is to lead you to move in a way that feels good, body affirming and empowering.

Using words to embody the theme of my class - That's my super power!

In my classes we explore our mind and body, finding what feels good as we move with ease.


Yoga is not about being good at something.

It's about being good to yourself.

Being a former dancer and naturally very flexible, 'modern yoga' as it's portrayed in most media might come easy too me, but controlling the monkey mind is not mastered by dominating shapes.

They are meaningless, it's what you fill them with.

You don't become enlightened by mastering handstands or doing the splits.

It's about awakening to the present moment, and remembering that

you are already whole and complete.


Using words to embody

the theme of my class

- That's my super power!

Iselin is a rockstar!

Natasha, Yogastudent @Flyt Trening

You are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

Adrienne Rabena, Master teacher trainer and creator of Barre Eclipse


my background

I started my career as a dancer, I then moved on to acting.

I have taught dance and acting in addition to yoga for over a decade.

My first 200 hour teacher training was in Hatha Yoga in Italy in 2010, and I started teaching in Rome after. I've studied various styles of yoga over the years and I also have another 200hr teacher training in Spirit Flow vinyasa from The Craft of Teaching yoga in Rome. In addition I have hours in yin, yoga for kids & restore + nidra.

I've been teaching in Italy and Norway. In Norwegian ofc, but also in Italian & English.

I am a certified barre instructor.

I did The Barre Eclipse teacher training with Adrienne Rabena

tune into our podcast here. I am thrilled to offer this unique style of barre to my community.

I have also done Shake the Dust teacher training with Satu Tuomela and offer sessions on zoom.

Currently studying esoteric astrology, weaving my knowledge into everything I do.

Can't wait to share more with you.


Finding Freedom in Movement

I offer:

Shake the dust sessions

Yoga & Barre

online via zoom.

stay tuned!

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I'm a certified yoga and barre instructor.

My background as a dancer and actress makes my teaching style creative and expressive.

I was a gym-class wallflower being the last one chosen for a team in gym class.

I petitioned for gentler more feminine type movement like dance and yoga in junior high. Ahead of my time!

I didn't understand why workouts always needed to be so damn YANG?! I still think that. I want to inspire you to move in a way that feels good in YOUR body! You deserve the best and to feel at ease.

The classes I offer are all trauma informed.

I know the power of words and I always use body reclaiming cues and empowering instructions. ALL LOVEing words of embodiment, encouraging you towards your truest self. I'd love to see you in class, Iselin



“You Inspire me"

Emiliy / Goddess Glow & flow class

“Thank you for an exceptional yogaclass"

Beate / Goddess Glow

“The best yogaclass I've had in a long time"

Kathrine / Freedom Flow

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